Motivated Moms and the Home Manager Notebook Giveaway

Friday, April 01, 2011
Last year I read a blog of a good friend of mine who mentioned that she was using a new tool from Motivated Moms Planner to keep her life organized and an daily cleaning scheduled.  This sweet friend of mine is the mother of a 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old twins, so if it worked for her I figured that it may work for me too.  Now don't get me wrong I had tried other cleaning schedules, but for some reason they didn't quite work for me.  Other blogs I was reading at the time also talked about home managers notebook which is basically just a place where you keep your cleaning schedule, calendar, and other information you need to keep your home running.  I was suddenly struck by the genius of all this and wondered why no one had told me about all this sooner!?!

Here are the elements of my home managers notebook and why they are important for me:

Motivated Moms Planner- this is basically a cleaning schedule you can download from her website for $8.  She breaks it down week-by-week, day-by-day giving you just a few tasks to do per day.  Some are daily chores like make the bed, feed the pets, or load the dishwasher.  Others are tasks that she assigns for certain days that need to be done weekly, monthly or even just once a year.  To give you an example of what a typical day looks like, today I am supposed to:
Change dishcloth/towel
Change hand towels in bathrooms
Sweep Porch
Change sheets in children's rooms
Go through coupon, dispose of expired ones
Do a quick tidy/put away in each room of the house
Spend time on a craft or hobby
I like this plan because my to-do list for any given day is manageable, I can check the items off as I do them, and if I stick to the plan I will also get all those tasks that I forget about like cleaning the baseboards & light fixtures.
Go to
Motivated Moms to download your planner.

Meal Planner- I found this meal planner from the Project Girl.  I printed it on the back of all my cleaning schedule pages so that when my book is laying flat, I can see my meals and my to-do list for that week.  The other great thing about this particular one is that it also has a grocery list on it that is organized by section of the store.  When I am planning my meals, I write down the ingredients too and then take the whole thing to the store.  I can't tell you how much time and money this has saved me.

Calendar-  I went ahead and put my personal calendar in the front of my notebook, that way my whole life is scheduled in one place.  I just makes life simpler for me.  I will say that I tried to be clever this year and buy a spiral bound monthly planner, but when I took it to the Fedex store to be bound with my notebook they couldn't do it.  Because I had started using the calendar already I let them talk me into scanning in all the pages and printing them out.   It was an extra expense but at least it all there (when I left the store I realized that I could have just trimmed off the holes that were already there and had it bound with the rest).

Extras- The only other things that I keep in my notebook are an Emergency Contact page for babysitters, and a spreadsheet I made of our christmas card list, so I can have all those addresses on hand.  But this is where you can get creative and find other forms that work from you.  The Project Girl, Simple Mom, and Organize Your Way all have countless forms that would work great in organizing your life.  Again, the idea of having a home manger notebook is to keep all the important things in one place.

Make It Pretty!- I won't lie, this may be the most important one for me.  All of these things are printables and if I had just printed them out on plain white paper and stuck it in a 3 ring binder I would have been unmotivated to use it.  Print it out on pretty paper, use a coordinating piece of cardstock for your cover and take it to the Fedex store and have it spiral bound... whatever it takes to make you love it will also help motivate you to use it.

Finally, We are going to do our first blog giveaway and give away one Home Managers Notebook to a lucky reader.  For your chance to win leave a comment on the blog about how this system will help you.  For additional chances to win, mention the giveaway on facebook or twitter then leave a separate comment saying you have done so.  We will randomly select the winner.  Deadline to enter is Friday, April 8, 2011 at 10pm central standard time.  Good Luck!

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Spring Cleaning with Simple Mom

Friday, March 25, 2011
Spring is officially here and it's one of my favorite times of the year... I love when the garden centers start putting out flowers and veggies to plant, wearing flip flops and most of all the warm (not yet hot) weather.  One thing that I do not love about spring is the notion that we are all supposed spend hours spring cleaning.  When the weather finally gets warm, the last place I want to be is in my house for days on end de-cluttering and deep cleaning.  That is, until I found Simple Mom.  She has a way of making spring cleaning, well... simple.  Because this is her third year offering the spring cleaning challenge and she has done it differently every year, you have a choice of the way and depth you want to clean.  For a full spring cleaning she has a 10 day challenge where she gives you a room and tasks to do for each of the 10 days.  Some of the larger rooms like kitchen and living she spreads over two days.  If you are not quite up to 10 full days of cleaning you can set aside a week to focus on specific areas with her three step process of de-cluttering, cleaning, and organizing.  Click on here to read more about these two plans.

This year her focus is on simplifying your life and home and she is revealing a "hot spot" each week and giving you specific tasks and tips to clean out and simplifying that area. You can even post before and after pictures of your own hot spot to be entered into a giveaway... what better motivation is there than winning something for all your hard work!  She revealed her third hot spot this week, so you can jump on in
here to be entered for the prizes and catch up on the others later. 
Hot Spot #1
Hot Spot #2
Hot Spot #3 (deadline for #3 give away is today so get to it now for your chance to win)
There will be 2 more hot spots, so if you can't complete your third one today all is not lost for you.

The thing l like best about Simple Mom and her plans is that she spells it all out for you and they can be done anytime... but what better time than the present to start!

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